3DEXPERIENCE Fluid Dynamics Engineer – Why do SOLIDWORKS users need it?

Article by Vishnu Chandrasekaran, CSWE updated June 2, 2021


How are you testing designs? The historic way of creating prototypes and running them through costly experiments? Imagine the savings involved if you JUST had solutions that are – easy to use, efficient for communication and can run simulations in unconventional environments – such as a flow analysis? Let us see how the Fluid Dynamics Engineer Role on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform can help address these needs.

3DEXPERIENCE Works is a one-stop shop for all your engineering, design, management, and collaboration efforts. In today’s remotely connected world, 3DEXPERIENCE is our Factory of the Future.

Let us take a dive into the simulation capabilities offered on the platform, more specifically the Fluid Dynamics Engineer Role (or FMK). Here is a quick video of the role in action:

With that intro, let us see how you as a SOLIDWORKS user can benefit from adopting the Fluid Dynamics Engineer role on the platform.

#1 — Connected solution from SOLIDWORKS

With the help of a connector, storing data and running fluid simulations can be done seamlessly in a couple of clicks. With this effortless connection, you are confident in using the latest and greatest when it comes to your design. Updates and design changes are automatically transferred to the simulation environment without any effort from the user!

With this integration, designs can be made quickly and easily within the SOLIDWORKS environment while simulations setup on the platform. Take a look:


#2 — Easy-to-use interface

Fluid simulations historically were run by analysts – whether simple or complex. With FMK, the barriers between the design and simulation worlds are removed, letting designers and design engineers run fluid simulations with ease.

Guided virtual assistants and efficient diagnostic tools in the application lets users setup and run analyses with less hassles. This accelerates product development and gets designs faster into the market delivering a competitive advantage.

FMK User Interface

FMK User Interface

#3 — Powerful solution with advanced modelling capabilities

With solvers of industrial standards (RANS solver), you are confident in using and capable of running advanced fluid simulations (such as highly turbulent flows, conjugate heat transfer analysis, free-surface and rotation modelling).

Leveraging offered powerful meshing capabilities (such as hex dominant body-fitted meshes), simulations can run faster due to a lower mesh count with superior mesh quality enabling users to be confident of their results and design decisions. Finally, advanced and industrially recognized turbulent modelling schemes (such as k-ω SST and Realizable k-ε models) are available, based on the analysis study.

#4 — Cloud compute, no machine costs!

With cloud compute, computationally intensive simulations can be run on the platform leveraging cores as many as 144 by count! This subtracts heavy costs of having on-premise clusters and getting simulation results in a shorter time. Best part ? – Cloud compute is available on a need basis, whenever you want.

#5 — Dispersed team? We have a connected solution

Living in a platform environment, you are always a web-browser away in connecting with your team. With lightweight results generation, simulation outcomes can be quickly evaluated by the team and stakeholders without having to open any simulation applications.

In a nutshell, the 3DEXPERIENCE Works Fluid Dynamics Engineer role, can equip you with the tools necessary to run advanced flow simulations. It delivers a powerful solution not limited in its capabilities to run multi-physics simulations while giving you access to superior computation capabilities when you need it.

Built on a platform environment, it is easy to share results and design concepts with other stakeholders and engineers, enhancing collaboration and communication, all using nothing but a web browser!

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