How does SolidWorks Plastics Help You Learn More About Injection Molding?

Article by TriMech Solutions, LLC updated November 1, 2022


SOLIDWORKS Plastics has several different package levels with tools for designers, molding process optimization, and even mold designs with advanced cooling. Often much of the necessary knowledge to run/design molds are held by just a handful or maybe even one person at the company. Utilizing SOLIDWORKS Plastics is a great way to share this info with others within the company and build out records of both process and mold designs. However, a big hurdle to overcome is teaching what the results and parameters solved for in a simulation mean. All packages of SOLIDWORKS Plastics come with the results advisor, today we’re going to discuss how this tool will help your team learn more about injection molding.

There are many different results that we can solve for in SOLIDWORKS Plastics for the different stages of injection molding like fill, pack, cool, and warp. The results advisor can describe whether or not the filling process will fail or potentially fail given the molding machine parameters we have specified. Analyzing things like short shots, results like frozen layer fraction at end of fill are key. For those that are unfamiliar with any parameter the results advisor provides definitions, and key contributing factors to help understand the molding process without even leaving the software. This can be a huge time saver and teaching tool for those unfamiliar with injection molding.

injection molding tool: 3d part on screen with action items

Example: Frozen Layer Fraction at End of Fill

text and 3d part

Example: Shear Rate at End of Fill

To use the results advisor simply solve the analysis and open any of the results categories. When you have the results open click on the question mark at the bottom of the results tab.

computer screen featuring list of options

If you want to learn more about SOLIDWORKS Plastics look out on all our platforms for more blogs and webinars or contact your local TriMech resource to learn more about training options!

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