SOLIDWORKS 2024 Sheet Metal and Fabrication

Video by TriMech Solutions, LLC updated February 2, 2024

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About the Video

Discover what’s new with SOLIDWORKS 2024 sheet metal for fabrication.

Find out how sheet metal & structure systems have been enhanced with brand new tools to help you model more efficiently and boost your productivity.

SOLIDWORKS Slot Propagation

Speed design of sheet metal parts that contain Tab and Slot features. Slots now propagate for all instances of a tab part in an assembly, regardless of how the other instances of the part are added into the assembly.


A new option helps improve manufacturability of parts when using sheet metal Tab and Slot features. When a tab part is angled to the surface where the slot is to be located, you now have the option to select a Normal Cut to the surface. A Normal Cut can be more easily manufactured using standard sheet metal cutting processes, such as laser, waterjet, and punching.


Use the Rip Tool to convert thin-walled cylindrical and conical solid parts to sheet metal with less effort. Create a Rip/Gap sheet metal feature in thin-walled cylinders and cones, and then use the Insert Bends command to convert them into sheet metal parts that can be flattened for manufacturing.

SOLIDWORKS Weldment Corner Treatments

Create weldments in structure systems faster and with fewer modifications with the new industry-standard default corner treatments. The default corner treatments are now more typical of standard corner treatments used in the industry.

In addition to the above:

  • Spend less time creating standard fasteners with the addition of more than 70 new ANSI Inch/Metric fastener types and variants to Toolbox.
  • Experience dramatic performance improvements when working with large models due to significantly reduced pause when you release the mouse while rotating models, and a more intelligent method of identifying when a model rebuild is needed, specifically when opening files and making small edits.
  • Model electrical harness routes in 3D as single segments or as groups of discrete wires to provide greater detail.

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