SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2024

Video by TriMech Solutions, LLC updated February 2, 2024

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About the Video

Discover what’s new for SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2024

Find out what new tools and features will help you simulate more efficiently and boost your productivity in this comprehensive breakdown of all the new features of SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2024.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Enhancements

  • Detect regions that run into contact convergence issues using the new Convergence Check Plot in SOLIDWORKS Simulation.
  • Model bearing connectors with higher accuracy, using the new options for distributed coupling and tilt stiffness, and the ability to define torsional stiffness to stabilize shaft rotation.
  • Utilize streamlined workflows to specify the hot and cold runner systems and launch multi-runs with the new Plastics Batch Manager in SOLIDWORKS Plastics.

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