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Add feature tree items to a SOLIDWORKS favorites folder for quick access!

SOLIDWORKS Favorites Folder

Want quick access to a feature, sketch or mate without having to scroll or search the SOLIDWORKS feature tree every time? Simply right-click the item from your feature tree and select Add to Favorites. Note: Ensure you have the option to show the favorites folder from Tools > Options > FeatureManager. This creates a SOLIDWORKS Favorites Folder listed at the very top of the feature tree with your selected items nested inside.  This way you can grab access to a master sketch or a commonly reviewed mate within seconds! You can also build sub folders within the parent folder to group certain features together. To do this, select the features again, right click and click Add to New Favorite Folder.


Just purchased NEW SOLIDWORKS licenses? Don’t forget to Reactivate your License Manager

If you have purchased additional SOLIDWORKS licenses to float on your existing network and received a notice from our office indicating they’ve been processed, then you have ONE CRUCIAL STEP left to perform before your users will be able to utilize these new licenses – REACTIVATE YOUR LICENSE MANAGER. While this only takes a couple of minutes to do, it is readily forgotten about. Step 1: Load up the SolidNetWork Licence Manager on the Server machine that is hosting your licences Step 2: From the ‘Server Administration’ tab, select ‘Modify’ Step 3: Choose the option to ‘Activate/Reactivate your product license’ Step 4: Select ‘Next’ to maintain the same firewall settings as you had before. For more information on this setting click here Step 5: Click ‘Select All’ to highlight all of your SOLIDWORKS network serial numbers, if the serial number for the product you wish to add is not listed then…


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