How to Reuse a Part Exploded View in a SOLIDWORKS Assembly

Article by Harneel Heer updated November 12, 2019


SOLIDWORKS 2020 now allows you to reuse an exploded view that you have already created in a multi-body part file in an assembly level exploded view. I’ll use the lamp model below as an example:

Lamp Model

Lamp Model

To reuse an exploded view follow these steps:

  1. Create an exploded view within the part file (Insert > Exploded View)

  1. Insert a new exploded view (Insert > Exploded View or Exploded View on the assembly toolbar) in the assembly that contains the multibody part.
  2. In the Explode PropertyManager, for Explode Step Components, select the multibody part.
Explode Property Manager

Explode PropertyManager

  1. You will now be able to select ‘From Part’ within the Options to import the exploded view already created in the part and add any additional explode steps for other components as required.
Exploded View

Assembly with Part Exploded View

Note: You cannot view the individual steps within the part explode as it transfers across to the assembly as a single step and will not animate.

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