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SOLIDWORKS View Orientation

SOLIDWORKS Reference Triad for Changing View Orientation [VIDEO]

The SOLIDWORKS Reference Triad in the lower left corner of your graphics window is very useful to determine the orientation of your model, as you rotate the view it moves with the model.  The X Arrow is normal to the Right Plane, the Y Arrow is…


Preserve current orientation with the SOLIDWORKS View Selector [VIDEO]

The new SOLIDWORKS View Selector introduced in SOLIDWORKS 2013 is great for re-orienting your models with ease and precision, but, as I told you in the previous articles on this topic, it has one problem: it will default to the ISO orientation during preview. Until SOLIDWORKS will further improve this tool in order to place the selector cube on top of the existing orientation, the next best thing is keeping the existing orientation on one side of the screen when using theSOLIDWORKS View Selector. Watch this video to see how it is done:


How to Select the Back Facets of the SOLIDWORKS View Selector Tool

This is one more example of a new SOLIDWORKS functionality introduced by a service pack and a great reason for having an active subscription with SOLIDWORKS. The SOLIDWORKS View Selector tool is very helpful, but until adding this enhancement it was not 100% usable since all the facets of the cube could not be selected. Starting with SOLIDWORKS 2013 SP2.0, you can select any back facets by pressing the Alt key during the selection. Watch this video for a comparison between the functionality of the SOLIDWORKS View Selector in the latest service pack:


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