Simplify Product Lifecycle Management with SOLIDWORKS PDM

SOLIDWORKS PDM can simplify Product Lifecycle Management by connecting your CAD System to existing ERP / MRP / CRM systems.

Businesses want to automate the connection between Product Design and Operations to be more efficient and innovative throughout the product lifecycle. But traditional, top-down approaches to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) are often too complex, time-consuming, and costly—making PLM impractical for many businesses.

SOLIDWORKS PDM software has radically simplified the approach to Product Lifecycle Management by making it easier with:

  • Simple integrated design, simulation, documentation and data management solutions from SOLIDWORKS;
  • Links to critical production systems (such as ERP, MRP and CRM) using industry standards; and
  • Integration with Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office and Microsoft SQL Server for business collaboration
Simplify Product Lifecycle Management

SOLIDWORKS PDM connects to your infrastructure

Simple technologies—familiar or attractive to business and engineering professionals—can help you gain control of your product data and make it an asset that complements Operations.

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