SOLIDWORKS 2023 CAO en nuage avec 3D Creator


SOLIDWORKS 2023 3D Creator includes the parametric design, manufacturing and collaboration capabilities of xDesign.

You can use powerful, browser-based parametric modeling tools to create production-ready parts and assemblies from any connected device. With 3DEXPERIENCE® Works, your teammates are always updated on your progress — no emails required. Grow your digital toolbox, and take it with you wherever you go, with 3D Creator.

SOLIDWORKS 2023 3D Creator Highlights

  • User Parameters
    • Create parameters to define sketches and/or features with custom values
    • User parameters can be defined or constrained by relations or as the arguments of a relation
  • Design Assistant
    • Integrated artificial intelligence saves time on repetitive sketch design and feature commands
    • Also aides in selection of multiple similar features
  • Command Parking
    • Select a feature, then park it to generate a sketch or reference plane on the fly
    • Newly generated sketches and reference planes are automatically ordered in the design manager
  • Variable Fillet
    • Create custom curvature in multiple directions to result in better strength and/or appearance
  • Threads
    • Add cosmetic or production-ready physical threads to design elements
  • Import ECAD
    • Import ECAD circuit board files directly into a workspace
    • ECAD files are useful for downstream applications for thermal simulation or electromagnetic analysis
  • Partenaires intelligents
    • Mate types are suggested simply by dragging a component to its assembly location
    • Dropping the component automatically applies suggested mates
  • Mate Helper
    • Integrated artificial intelligent predicts placement of similar components and automatically adds according mates

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