Seven days and counting to the big office move

Article by John Carlan updated March 28, 2011


I am posting to our blog over the next couple of days to describe what is happening leading up to the move to our new office at 3457 Superior Court, Unit #1 in Oakville.

Seven days and counting (Friday, March 25th)

Friday, March 25th was the last Friday that we were in our office at 700 Dorval, Suite 700.  We had a couple of beers to toast the office and all the fun and good times that we had there.  We also had our last training course in that office.  It was the SolidWorks Routing class.  Rob Greer was the instructor. Here is a picture graduating students of the class saying a quick “cheers” to the instructor and our office.

Last Training Class at 700 Dorval - SolidWorks Routing

We had a special visitor come into the office today.  Wendy from Sew-on-Fire Ministries visited the office.  Any furniture that we will not be taking with us is being donated to Sew-on-Fire.  Wendy has a cargo container scheduled for South America and our old furniture and white boards will be setup at schools that they are supporting there.  Sew-On-Fire is a great organization.  Check out their website at

We also did our seating lottery today.  We are assigning seating in our new office by a lottery method.  So the luck of the draw gets the choice of the best seats.  We are also planning on an annual change to seating (that will happen on the first day of spring each year) to keep things fresh by having folks change where they sit.  We will also do a nice purge on that day every year also.

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