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Jorge Villacres

Jorge Villacres is a Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert and has been using SOLIDWORKS since 2010. He has eight years of experience in academic CAD/CAM research and has worked on novel research topics such as 4D printing and has reported in numerous journal publications.

How to optimize your SOLIDWORKS Settings for a Certification Exam

Optimize your SOLIDWORKS Settings for taking a Certification Exam

Our tips on how to optimize your SOLIDWORKS settings before embarking on a design certification exam will play a pivotal role in determining your success.


Understanding the shift from Configuration to CAD Family in SOLIDWORKS


This article describes the new SOLIDWORKS CAD family, physical products, representations, and how to manage this new default setting.


Masterclass Part 2: SOLIDWORKS Parts and Features

SOLIDWORKS part modeling

During the on-demand webinar, our instructor will guide you through a step-by-step process, covering fundamental concepts and advanced techniques for efficient SOLIDWORKS part modeling.


Advantages of Using SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional vs Standard

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional vs Standard

Have you ever wanted to create movie-style rendering or HD imagery to showcase your products as the picture below? Look no further than SOLIDWORKS Visualize! SOLIDWORKS Visualize is a rendering software that allows users to create stunning imagery of their designs. The software comes in…