How to Automate Your Electrical Schematics – Part I

Article by Delvin Masilamani updated April 24, 2011


As promised in my previous post – (How to modularize/standardize your Electrical Design) here is how E3 WireWorks can help you make your designs configurable.

E3 WireWorks has the feature my personal favorite — Options and Variants.  Using this feature you can use radio buttons and check boxes to turn various parts of your design on and off. It is simple to use but has the power of Boolean expressions. So you can have a simple ‘AND / OR’ scenario or you can have complex Boolean expressions; the sky is the limit.

Options and Variants can be set up like you want  –  Different Check boxes or Radio buttons for different parts or just 2 options that can do everything. The only constraint is your imagination.

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