How to display SolidWorks 2011 models on your iPhone and iPad

Article by Matt Campbell, CSWE updated June 20, 2011


Have you ever wanted to share a 3D model you have built, but you are not around a computer… it does happen! Well, you can now use the 3DVIA app from iTunes.

In order to use the app you need to set up an account with, which is free. Once you have an account you can upload your models to right from SolidWorks. Using SolidWorks 2011, you click on ‘File’ and choose ‘Publish to’. Once the model is uploaded you can view it on your iPhone or iPad from the app.

As you can tell by the screen shot below, the app is good for displaying the model in 3D, however it is important to note that it does not contain any of the properties associated with the model.


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