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Article by Dan Gamsby updated February 23, 2012


Psst, hey you…come closer.

Don’t tell anyone, but did you know that some of the best marketing material you could possibly have to work with for your company, is in fact right under your nose?

Look down there. Down the hall. No, no, not the water cooler in the corner, the door beside it. Yes, the engineering office. There’s smoke coming out the bottom of the door…but that’s okay, that’s just all those smart guys using those big brains of theirs to create some amazing things. (Many of these amazingly smart engineering types also write a majority of the blog articles you read from Javelin – Shameless Plug)

Yes, these guys are super-smart!

Did you know all those super smart engineering folks, have some awesome 3D geometry for you to work with? With products like SolidWorks, your engineers are already creating full 3D representations of your products. Yes, they’ve been doing this for years, and have hundreds of different models for you to choose from. As a matter of fact, they could have already created photo realistic representations of your product, all ready to be used in your marketing material.

SolidWorks Goodness!

Now, let’s take it one step further. You can use all this fancy pants 3D stuff that your smarty-pants engineer folks have, and market more effectively across the web. You can totally immerse your customer in your product, whatever your product may be. Whether it be facilities design, or retail product, you can put it in your customer’s hands virtually. You can even allow your customers to collaborate together and discuss your product online, all leveraging existing engineering data.

Finally, you can even embed the experience into your corporate Facebook feed or any other social media you may use.

Check out the example below. It will require you to download a player from 3DVia to play with (that’s automatic when you click), but it gives you a good idea of what it is like to be immersed in a design. We can take it steps beyond, by actually making things work. Doors opening, closing…valves fully operational with procedural instructions, or make it much more product centric, where a customer can virtually operate machinery or products. Add some advanced texturing, lighting, etc. and next thing you know. It’s life like.

Use the arrow keys to turn left or right, and move forward and back. Hold down shift to run. Use your mouse to look around while holding down your left mouse button. If you have those cheesy cyan/red 3D glasses, throw them on and click “Anaglyph Stereoscopy” to be immersed even more. Easy and cool!

Want to know more about getting your product into a sellable, marketable virtual environment? Email me, or give me a call and ask us how! dan.gamsby@javelin-tech.com – 1-888-219-6757 x258.



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