Breakfast Television at Javelin

Article by Erin Elliott updated March 8, 2012


Yesterday was an exciting day at Javelin! We had Breakfast Television come by our office for our National Engineering Month event. Our special guests were the OTHS Red Devils Robotics Team, Sheridan Engineering Club / S.I.T Racing and Engineers without Borders. It was a huge success! Everyone had their time to shine and our very own Ted Lee was in the spot light as well!

Breakfast Television Clips on YouTube

After weeks of planning and phone calls back and forth, it was great to see everything come together. Staff and students alike were full of energy despite the early wakeup. Smiles radiated and excitement rose as everyone had time to mingle, show off their work and explore the office. Even the BT crew was having fun!

It was inspiring seeing a room full of people excited about engineering.

Some photos from the event

To see more photos, check out our Facebook page :

Did you watch us on BT? Let us know!

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