A Macro to Link SOLIDWORKS Custom Property to Note

Article by Adam Bridgman, CSWE updated May 2, 2013


There are many different methods to link SOLIDWORKS custom properties and display them in different ways; for example a note that displays the bounding box length.

Link custom properties macro

Link custom properties macro

One limitation is that a custom property cannot be linked to a note, this can be useful in many different ways. For instance in an assembly if you want to display a part property in the assembly description there is no way to do that. The closest would be to create a note and attach it to that part and then display that property in the note. But there is still no way of linking that note to a property.

I have created a macro to link SOLIDWORKS Custom Property to Note

Macro demonstration

Please watch this video for more information on how to link SOLIDWORKS Custom Property to Note:

How the Macro works

The way the macro works is:

  1. Select a note
  2. Run the macro
  3. Type in a name of a custom property to link it to (Warning this overwrites the existing contents)
  4. Click Add Note

When you review the feature tree, a macro feature is now present. This macro feature will, on rebuild, copy the contents of the note into the property.

‘Description’ was created as a configuration specific property and the value is the contents of the note. A custom property was also created, it links DetailItem1 (the note) to Description (the name of the configuration specific property). If the length is changed, and rebuild, the properties should all update successfully. This does not happen automatically in this version of SOLIDWORKS until you look at the cut list properties.

The Link SOLIDWORKS Custom Property to Note Macro is provided free of charge with the source code unlocked. It has a couple of quirks to keep the code simple to understand, it is provided without warranty and we do not guarantee that it will work as required.

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