A Best Practices Guide to CFD Analysis for Gas Mixing Processes

Article by Rod Mackay updated July 27, 2014


The mixing of gases is important in a wide range of applications. For example, gas mixing in flues is often critical to the operation of emissions control systems.

Optimizing Gas Mixing Processes

Example applications of CFD Analysis for Gas Mixing Processes

Gas mixing in packed columns and other types of chemical reactors affects throughput and variability of the process. CFD Analysis for Gas mixing has a major impact on the performance of rotary kiln incinerators used to treat hazardous wastes. Gas mixing in respiratory airways influences the performance of aerosolized medications. An improvement of just a few percent in mixing efficiency can substantially reduce the energy consumption and emissions of a gas mixing product.

Optimizing gas and air mixing to meet the requirements of a specific application is a challenge involving a very expensive and time-consuming process of building and testing prototypes. Large companies have used computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to simulate gas mixing but its use up to now has been primarily limited to research or troubleshooting existing designs because of the considerable cost, time and expertise required to use CFD technology.

Easier and Cheaper CFD tools in CAD Packages

But in the past few years new CFD tools have become available that are fully embedded in SOLIDWORKS CAD software so they are much easier, faster and less expensive to use. The new tools provide the ability to evaluate the performance of a large number of potential alternatives in the early stages of the design process. Early stage analysis makes it possible to improve the performance of the product and resolve design problems in less time at a low cost. This article provides guidelines for using CFD to improve gas mixing in the early stages of the design process.

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