SOLIDWORKS Simulation Load Case Manager

Article by Irfan Zardadkhan, PhD, CSWE updated November 25, 2014


In SOLIDWORKS Simulation a new load case manager interface within a Static study allows you to define (secondary) load combinations from (primary) load definitions quickly and evaluate the effects of the various load combinations on your model.

  • Right-click the top icon of a Simulation static study tree and select Load Case Manager.
  • Use the Load Case Manager to define:
    • Primary Load Cases that link to the loads, fixtures, and connectors of the static study. You can suppress features or add new features (loads or fixtures) for each primary load case. For example, each primary load case can correspond to a “Dead”, “Live”, “Wind”, or “Earthquake” loads.
    • Load Case Combinations are linear combinations of the primary load cases. You enter the equation that describes the primary load combination through an equation editor, for example: 1.4 * “Dead” + 1.6 * “Live” + 0.5 * “Wind”.
    • Simulation data sensors to track results for the primary loads and secondary load case combinations.

Note: Only available for SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional and SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium.

Please watch the video below for a demonstration of this feature.

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