Using a Multiple Unit System in SOLIDWORKS Equations [VIDEO]

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated May 14, 2015


Even though your SOLIDWORKS model is set to a specific unit system, this definitely does not hold you back from using other unit systems in your equations. You can enter the unit symbols (i.e. “mm”, “in”, “cm”, “ft”, etc) in both the dimension Modify box as well as in the Equation Editor.

SOLIDWORKS will automatically convert the values from the differing unit systems and calculate.  When using different units in equations, the expression will maintain the original value and the multiple unit system for easy modification.

Using a Multiple Unit System in an Equation

Multiple Unit System in an Equation

For example even if the model is all in Metric units, you can still enter Global Variables in Imperial to be used in equations.

Units in Global Variables

Units in Global Variables

Multiple Unit Systems Demonstration

Here is a quick video demonstrating this functionality:

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