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Article by Rod Mackay updated June 11, 2015


Included with SOLIDWORKS Standard, Professional, and Premium software are Xpress products, which are essentially abbreviated versions of popular add-in products such as SOLIDWORKS Simulation or DriveWorks.

If you are looking for some quick [FREE] lessons on how to use your Xpress products then you should give MySolidWorks Online Learning a try. Presently MySolidWorks has learning paths (think of these as short introductory courses) for SimulationXpress, FloXpress, and DriveWorksXpress.

MySolidWorks Xpress Product Lesson

MySolidWorks Xpress Product Lesson

Accessing MySolidWorks Xpress Learning Paths/Courses

To access the Xpress product learning paths you need to:

  1. Go to my.solidworks.com
  2. In the site navigation bar select Training > Catalog to display all the learning paths and lessons.
  3. Filter the list in the left-hand column of the page by picking the Learning Paths filter under Learning Type.
  4. Then select Free as the Access Level and only the free learning paths/courses will be displayed in the right-hand column as shown in the figure below.
  5. Finally select the Learning Path you want to access e.g. FloXpress
MySolidWorks SOLIDWORKS Xpress Products Learning Paths

MySolidWorks SOLIDWORKS Xpress Products Learning Paths

Viewing the Lessons

Once you’ve chosen a learning path/course you then need to add the lessons to your own learning path library.

  1. MySolidWorks will first determine if you are currently logged into the system. If you are not currently logged in there will be a notification message at the top of the page, pick Log in if you have an account, or pick Join to create a free account and follow the instructions
MySolidWorks Login

MySolidWorks Log In Notification Message

  1. After logging in, or if you were logged in already, you then select the Add to My Learning Paths link and the lessons will now be ready to play – by adding learning paths to your own library you can take them at a later time, and keep track of lessons in-progress or completed
MySolidWorks Add Learning Path

MySolidWorks Add Learning Path

  1. Select the first lesson link in the page, e.g. FloXpress – Solving the Model and Interpreting Results as shown in the figure below
MySolidWorks Lessons

MySolidWorks Lessons

  1. Then pick the Play Lesson button – Note that there may be different SOLIDWORKS versions of the lesson available, pick the version drop down and choose the version that suits you e.g. 2014
MySolidWorks Lesson

MySolidWorks Lesson

  1. The lesson video will load and you can pick the Begin Lesson button to get started
Begin Lesson

Begin Lesson

What is the format of the lessons?

MySolidWorks lessons often include the following:

  • Introduction – A brief overview of the lesson
  • Presentation – A video of the lesson
  • Exercise – A hands-on exercise simulation (not all lessons have exercises)
  • Review – A quiz to test what you learned

Try MySolidWorks Learning

All SOLIDWORKS users have access to 10+ hours of FREE learning, while SOLIDWORKS Subscription Service customers have 30+ hours.  Go to My.SolidWorks.com to learn SOLIDWORKS Xpress products.

You can also purchase a professional account which provides access to 100+ hours of online training content plus SOLIDWORKS Certification Prep courses. Learn more about the Professional version of MySolidWorks

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