How to show stress on specific components in SOLIDWORKS Simulation

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated August 2, 2015


If you ran a Simulation study on an assembly, you may need to narrow in on one particular component to review its results.  Here are two methods that can be used to show stress on specific components and the benefits in different situations:

Method #1: Isolate Command for Quick Review of Specific Components

After selecting one or more components, you can right-click on them and choose to “Isolate”.  This will temporarily show only the components you have selected and hide all others.  When you show your Simulation plot, only the results of these shown components will be visible and you can review the results easier.  This is a quick way to look at components that may have hidden areas.

Show stress on specific components using the Isolate Command

Isolate Command


Once you are done reviewing the results, you can click the “Exit Isolate” button in the pop-up dialog.

Exit Isolate Command

Exit Isolate Command

Method #2: Create a New Plot and Show Plot Only on Selected Entities

When you edit the definition of a new plot, you can choose to show the results only on specific faces or bodies.  When you choose the Bodies option, you can select one or more components.  This is a more permanent option as it remembers these settings in your Simulation plot.

Show Plot on Bodies

Show Plot on Bodies

The other advantage is that each of these plots will be included in your Simulation Report so you will have plots for the entire assembly, and for the specific components you are most interested in.

New Plot - Show Bodies

New Plot – Show Bodies



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