New enhanced gradient colour materials from Stratasys

Article by Rod Mackay updated March 4, 2016


Stratasys Creative Colours software uses two new Polypropylene materials: VeroPureWhite and VeroCyan. Both materials enable significantly enhanced gradient colour options, here’s how:

VeroPureWhite RGD837:

  • Twice the opacity of VeroWhite Plus
  • 20% brighter than VeroWhite Plus
  • Improved color gamut
  • Greater UV resistance

VeroCyan RGD843:

  • Less sensitive to ambient temperature
  • Cleaner, clearer blue colour
Architectural Model

Architectural Model made from VeroPureWhite and VeroCyan

About Stratasys Creative Colours software

Stratasys Creative Colours Software blends new Connex3 color capabilities with a hassle-free workflow. Now there are more possibilities for realistic, colorful models, and fewer steps from design to print. Watch the video below to learn more:

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