3D Printing Essentials one-day course for SOLIDWORKS users now available

Article by Karen Majerly updated March 4, 2016


3D Printing Training Session

3D printing, or additive manufacturing, continues to attract the attention of everyone from the curious to the confused. But in the world of design and engineering, there’s no time to be left behind and no need to live in wonder.

Designed for SOLIDWORKS & other CAD software users

Javelin Technologies now offers an exclusive one-day interactive training experience to help SOLIDWORKS® and other CAD software users, engineers, and R&D managers choose the right 3D printing technology and learn how to use it.

Course content was developed by Javelin using expert advice and best practices from both inside and outside the company. Dubi Finklshtein is Javelin’s Director of Additive Manufacturing. He says the course will help people get the right knowledge to feel comfortable making decisions about how to design for and use 3D printing to advance their own day-to-day work, as well as their overall business.

“Not only is it about freedom of design, but also saving time and money, from the moment you start your SOLIDWORKS session to the moment you hit the start button on the printer. We want to help designers and engineers design appropriately for additive manufacturing for both product design and manufacturing. We don’t want anyone out there feeling unsure or held back, or wasting time or materials. This technology is too important – we all need to get comfortable with the fact that this is the next industrial revolution.”

Intensely focused on 3D printer training and ongoing support, Javelin helps its customers work smarter with Stratasys 3D printers and SOLIDWORKS 3D design software. This combination of design and print technologies allows customers to produce finely detailed, true-to-life models, prototypes, and parts, both quickly and affordably.

Gain an understanding 3D printing technologies, materials, and applications

The 3D Printing Essentials course content is suitable for those who 3D print in-house or outsource to a service bureau, as well as those thinking about incorporating 3D printing into their work. Javelin’s additive manufacturing experts will introduce the features and benefits of different technologies, including stereolithography, digital light processing, multi-jet printing, colour jet printing, polyjet, fused deposition modeling (FDM), and selective laser sintering. To help participants understand materials, trainers will provide examples of printed parts made from standard plastics, including ABS Plus, ASA, polycarbonate, nylon, ULTEM, and PPSF/PPSU.

Javelin’s 3D CAD specialists will teach participants how to optimize files for 3D printing, including best practices to reduce material usage and ensure proper printing. They’ll cover how to deal with holes, fine details, thin walls, adjusting for strength, moving parts, and assemblies. Check out a preview of the 3D Printing Essentials course in the video below:

Finklshtein says real life success stories will illustrate the uses and benefits.

“Our case studies will show the various industrial applications for 3D printing and how manufacturers are saving time and money, not only because they’re making parts to use as prototypes for testing, but also because they are producing actual jigs, fixtures, molds, and dies. Throughout the course, we’ll keep coming back to ROI to help everyone quantify the benefits of using 3D printing in product design and manufacturing.”

Interested in taking a 3D Printing Essentials course?

The training is delivered in person at Javelin’s offices in Oakville, Ontario; Calgary, Alberta; and Vancouver, BC. For more information, call Javelin at 1-877-219-6757 or view the schedule, and get a quote.

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