The Steel Detailer Automated Structural Design (VIDEO series 3 of 3)

Article by Dimos Siagoulis updated March 7, 2016


Time and Money savings

The full capabilities of The Steel Detailer (TSD) can be demonstrated when working on large projects. The amount of time (and money) you will save by taking advantage of the automatic file naming and categorizing is immense. Furthermore TSD will also create detailed drawings for every single member that is created. This becomes more important and noticeable as the scope of the project becomes larger.


The Steel Detailer automatically adds detailed drawings for every member created.

Stairs, Railings & more

As displayed in the video above, hand railings and stairs are just as simple to create. Once again with a few button clicks you can insert one of the predefined hand railings, or you can create a custom hand railing and insert that instead. The railings are completely automated and follow the path that you choose complete with stanchion spacing that can be set up to follow your localized code. By utilizing the flexibility of SOLIDWORKS you can edit the length of the railings as well, creating space to easily insert your staircase as shown in the video.

The stairs are inserted simply by clicking the slope and run of the stairs and pressing insert. TSD will calculate the appropriate number of steps and space them apart accordingly as well as provide the necessary drawings.

Automated Structural Design

Use the power of SOLIDWORKS to quickly edit the dimensions of your parts

Another useful feature in TSD is the capability to carry one project into another. Any building that was designed with purlins, girts, and joist building blocks can be inserted into multiple higher level projects. This means that eventually after creating a few types of buildings you can then insert them as if they were from a library, boosting your efficiency immensely.

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