How to perform an electromagnetic simulation in SOLIDWORKS

Article by Dimos Siagoulis updated July 11, 2016


EMS by EMWorks is the first electromagnetic field simulator add-in product for SOLIDWORKS. EMS is comprised of seven modules that includes full validation and access to a built-in library.

There are calculations for linear and nonlinear materials or user-defined materials, not to mention a variety of excitation controls common to electric & magnetic field simulation and transformer design.

Watch the demonstration below to see an example of a SOLIDWORKS Electromagnetic Simulation using EMS:

Below are a list of the 7 modules with a brief description of each:

  • Electrostatic Field Simulator: This module is used to solve issues with dielectric breakdown & electronic discharge.
  • Conduction: This module helps with simulations that require checks for over-voltage conditions, resistance values and power dissipation while testing the impact of conductivity on the power supply.
  • Magnetostatic: This module will aid you in accurately resolving questions about magnetic saturation, torque optimization, solenoid overheating and excess material from ferromagnetic cores.
  • AC-Magnetic Field: This module allows you to improve efficiency with Eddy current simulation. It can also help with minimizing skin effects & issues with ripples, vibration & noise. Furthermore it can help you deal with  problems relating to flux leakage, inductance and coil design.
  • Transient Application: This module allows you to prepare your design for eventualities such as power failures, pulsed power surges, Eddy currents and more. Additionally, it will let you know how magnetic heads, electromagnetic launchers and pulsed power transformers affect your project.
  • Fully Integrated Thermal Solver: This module assists you in isolating heat transfer concerns with Eddy currents, derive temperature distribution, model microwave and induction heating and much more.
  • Coupled Motion Analysis: This module is an electric motor and electromagnetic flux simulator. This module will help you determine specifics such as temperature changes, how heat will be distributed through the model and if the device requires a heat sink or other form of active cooling process.


EMS for SOLIDWORKS is the first and only completely embedded Gold Certified software for SOLIDWORKS which helps SOLIDWORKS users study their magnetic, electric and electromagnetic designs seamlessly. It can utilize the geometry created using SOLIDWORKS directly for simulation. Its user interface emulates SOLIDWORKS and hence there is no learning curve associated with the EMS software for SOLIDWORKS users. Want to try a SOLIDWORKS electromagnetic simulation?

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