At 11 years old, Jeff is Javelin’s Youngest SOLIDWORKS Training Graduate!

Article by Neeta Sharma updated October 31, 2016


When you’re 11 years old, you play videogames, or hockey, or ride your bike. Jeff does all of these things, but in addition to this, he is a SOLIDWORKS user.

Youngest SOLIDWORKS Training Student

Jeff with certificate

After receiving a 3D printer for Christmas last year, his desire to design and ‘build stuff’ grew. Knowing that he wanted to do things right, Jeff registered for 2 training courses [with his Dad] through Javelin; and was running rings around people who had been using the software for years. AAAHHH, youth, you are a beautiful thing. And just for the record, Jeff is the youngest SOLIDWORKS training student in the history of Javelin. This young man was born 8 years after Javelin started operating.

The 3D printer set the wheels in motion to pursue more knowledge with designing and he has decided to pursue a career in mechanical engineering. At the age of 11, I had trouble trying my shoes. He is focused and will be doing everything to get to where he wants to be.

The first print from his Christmas gift was an X-Wing Fighter, which I’m told is a Star Wars thing (I’m not well versed in Star Wars). This was done as part of a school project and now he designs and prints all sorts.

Jeff is only in Grade 6, right now but has decided that when he attends high school, he will apply for a Specialist High School Major (SHSM) program in technology. A few schools in his city offer these programs, and he has narrowed his choices to two very academic and technology oriented schools. At the age of 11, he is doing the research and telling his parent what HE wants to do.

When we asked why he wanted to attend training with us, his answer was, “Why Not?”.

In addition to being technologically and academically savvy, Jeff has personality that makes you want to listen to what he has to say. With all of his school work, and video gaming taking some of his time, he also plays Lacrosse with a rep team in his city. A busy young man, and he makes it all work.

The moral of the story…it’s never too early to know what you want to do. We wish Jeff every success in life as he makes his way to being the creative genius and leader, he is destined to be.

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