How to create a SOLIDWORKS PCB Custom Title Block and Sheet Template

Article by Justin Flett updated November 6, 2016


In this article we will run through the general process of creating a SOLIDWORKS PCB custom title block and sheet template.

The first step to creating your own custom title block is to open an existing title block (in this case let’s start with the B.schdot file, default location C:\Users\Public\Documents\SOLIDWORKS\SOLIDWORKS PCB\Templates).  This will open the SOLIDWORKS PCB default B-Size template and title block as shown below:


General SOLIDWORKS PCB Title Block

From here we can make changes to any document options we would like, or make any visual changes to the title block itself.  In this case let’s add a few more information boxes to the default title block.  This can be easily drawn by using the polyline function and adding some simple text.

Adding a logo and attributes/parameters

Now let’s take a look at adding an image of say a company logo, and perhaps most importantly adding attributes or parameters which will be used to populate our title block information for each specific project or sheet.  Inserting an image is as simple as using the Home > Image command, and for adding parameters to your block simply add normal text and double-click the text to activate the properties.  Once in the text properties you can change font size, colour, and so forth; plus you can also use a drop down to select specific text parameters that will be tied to the project information such as “=DrawnBy”.

Creating a SOLIDWORKS PCB Custom Title Block

Creating a SOLIDWORKS PCB Custom Title Block

Save the new template

Once we have tied all the appropriate text values to parameters as needed we can just save this document as a new template within our template directory and it will be available for use in any future projects.


Inserting Parameters

To insert document parameters into any project we can go through Project > Document Options > Parameters tab and set any document parameters as needed to automatically populate our title block.

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