SOLIDWORKS Composer 2017 includes new features for the Composer Player API

Article by Justin Flett updated February 20, 2017


In SOLIDWORKS Composer 2017 the Composer Player Application Programming Interface (API) has been enhanced with a number of new features.  Some of the new enhancements to the SOLIDWORKS Composer 2017 API are briefly outlined below:

Reset “Zoom Fit all” Property for Views

New methods have been made available to reset the value of the Zoom Fit All property of specified views.  This makes it possible to capture zoom level when updating a view after having zoomed in on an actor.

Selection Management

There are some newly added features and methods available in the Composer API to generate and retrieve selections from selection sets.

Events for Undo and Redo

Some new methods have been made available to be sent when the undo or redo actions are executed.

The full details of these enhancements can be found in the Composer Programming Guide (Help > Programming Guide).

SOLIDWORKS Composer 2017 API

SOLIDWORKS Composer Programming Guide

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