Why use SOLIDWORKS Electrical Passive Symbols?

Article by Delvin Masilamani updated May 1, 2017


There are instances where some tasks require a representation which do not appear on a BOM, do not have part information and also do not consume a device mark or a device tag. SOLIDWORKS Electrical Passive Symbols are typically created and left in the database to be reused when required in projects. I’ve listed a few areas where it is possible to resort to using passive symbols.

Representing a Ground

Grounds are subject to sharing a signal, in most cases using a symbol association should work to connect all wires to the same ground component. There are some areas where ground simply needs to be shown, wires may or may not be shown as such we could use a SOLIDWORKS Electrical passive symbol here.

Wires crossings

Traditionally the industry has shown the electrical junctions where 3 wire connect with a symbol such that they appear or are clear to the reader that the wires do not intersect. The industry has moved away from that representation over time, however when there are instances of such a representation SOLIDWORKS Electrical passive symbols can be used to indicate the cross over.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Passive Symbols for Wire Crossings

Wire Crossings

Terminal Jumpers

While the product does a fascinating job at creating automated terminal drawings, it still requires more representation when at the schematic level. The end reader may not realize there is a Jumper present in the schematic unless they refer to the Terminal drawings. This would be a good place to use SOLIDWORKS Electrical Passive Symbols or simply use a note to state Jumper is present.

Automated Jumper Vs. SOLIDWORKS Passive Symbol Jumper

Automated Jumper Vs. Passive Symbol Jumper


These can be created and left as passive symbols within the database only to be used as required in project. Multiple can be created ahead of time such that when required, a user can simply drag the symbol out of the database and drop in to a project.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Drawing note

Drawing notes can be added as Passive symbols

Properties of a Symbol (Line/Schematic) Vs. Properties of Passive Symbol

Symbol properties give you abilities to change technical or metadata information which is required to be displayed in print or to be produced as reports. Users can also assign part and terminal information through this properties.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Symbol Properties

Properties of a Symbol (Line/Schematic)

Passive symbols have properties that help define graphical, text and other basic attributes.

Properties of a Passive Symbol

Properties of a Passive Symbol

The software is created with the intent that one would create a general assembly in the real world, there are some representations which are better handled using drafting methods and passive symbols.

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