Why you should attend our SOLIDWORKS Advanced Update training course

Article by Vicky Guignard updated October 2, 2017


Every year, DS SOLIDWORKS releases new core software with approximately 250 enhancements, it’s hard to keep up with all these new features! We all have our own way of using the interface and we all have our favorite set of tools, that is usually based on how we were taught to begin with. What if we could re-explore how we are doing things on a day to day basis?

SOLIDWORKS Update Course

SOLIDWORKS Update Course

The SOLIDWORKS Advanced Update training focuses specifically on the user interface and quicker ways of accessing everyday features. In the last two versions (2016 & 2017) SOLIDWORKS has DRASTICALLY improved the user interface with the addition of breadcrumbs and cursor sensitive toolbars. Also, many of our everyday features have been enhanced to perform better and have more useful options. This course can also be customized to your company needs. Our experts can determine what areas are of most importance for your team and focus on those for the training duration.

If you recently upgraded to 2017 and maybe skipped a few versions in between, it could be worth learning about all that is available to you! Check out the topics covered in the course below:

  • Most efficient ways for using the SOLIDWORKS User Interface. Reduce mouse travel, mouse clicks or keyboard keystrokes. Depending on the current practices adopted by each user, the time savings can add-up fast (10-15% time savings).
  • What’s new in SOLIDWORKS sketching environment. Best practices and advanced productivity related tips for creating and managing sketch entities, relations and dimensions.
  • Various techniques for quickly creating mirrored components with or without an assembly.
  • What’s new in patterns. Advanced patterning for automating the modeling process.
  • Best practices for structuring the feature tree. How to document the recipe for each model fast, easy and clear. Ideally, the downstream users should waste minimum time trying to understand the design intent of a given model. Adopting such practices at the team level could save hours or even days every week.
  • How to troubleshoot and fix errors (very important for fixing issues generated by design intent changes). Having troubleshooting skills is extremely important for teams of users considering the fact that most of the time the model or drawing created by one user for a specific project is used as the input for the model created by other team members for other projects. Based on the experience reported by other customers who took training with us, the average time savings per designer in the concept phase of a cloned project are in the range of 10-30 minutes daily.
  • New and extremely fast ways to create and manage configurations of parts and assemblies. We are talking about being 5 to 10 times faster compared to using traditional techniques for configuring models.
  • Boolean operations inside a multibody environment. Knowing how to use Boolean operations at the part and assembly levels could be the difference between wasting time and getting the job done. Sometimes, these types of techniques are the only solutions to modeling challenges.
  • What’s new in SOLIDWORKS equations; including applying equations to features. Advanced equation management techniques.
  • In-context design. The use of Virtual Parts during the concept phase of the design process.
  • Creating inter-part relationships with or without using an assembly.
  • Advanced Fillets, including fast selection of multiple edges based on specific rules.
  • Assembly Mating Management. Learn how to easily find, change, and configure mates, and how to copy components with mates. All of these techniques are great productivity enhancers, resulting in huge time savings.
  • Quick Selections inside Assemblies. Will also provide solutions for some of the most important challenges a user would encounter in assemblies.
  • Large Assembly and Drawing management. This will provide solutions for some of the most important challenges a user would encounter in large assemblies and large drawings. Using these techniques would enable the users to open and start editing a large assembly in seconds instead of minutes.
  • An overview of the Technical Support offered by Javelin and SOLIDWORKS, including:
    • The best methods to get SOLIDWORKS technical support
    • Free troubleshooting documentation and tools
    • Where to find free video based tech tips and presentations
    • How to use existing resources provided by SOLIDWORKS and Javelin
    • How to become a Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional or even a Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert

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So if you are planning on upgrading to the latest version of SOLIDWORKS and would like to learn new skills while taking advantage of the latest features ask us about pricing; or inquire about a custom course specifically for the version you are upgrading to. ACT NOW as the course fills up quickly and our SOLIDWORKS experts are always busy with custom upgrade training.

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Vicky has been working in the CAD industry since 2010 and has a background in machine design and steel structure design. Vicky works closely with the Javelin sales team, helping to solve complex customer challenges utilizing the SOLIDWORKS product line. She is also an instructor for Javelin and delivers private, and public training in Western Canada, as well as online through Javelin's JOLT training. Vicky has been an Application Engineer with Javelin since 2014.