Stratasys F123 Series: Printer Operation Issues & Fixes

Article by Pierre Hart updated December 18, 2017


Stratasys has identified a few minor issues with the new F123 Series 3D Printers. Many of the issues have been resolved at the manufacturing level, but machines released before these issues were fixed may require a Field Change Order (FCO). Read the information below to determine if you have been affected by these issues. If so, please contact your service provider to arrange a service visit.

Wi-Fi Functionality

In some F123 printers there have been issues with the Wi-Fi not functioning properly. It has been reported that the Wi-Fi will not connect or will not recognize a known source.

Known Root Cause:
  • Wi-Fi firmware corruption due to forced shut down of the printer
    • A printer back end software update was implemented in May 2017 (1.3.5360) to prevent forced power shut down from corrupting the Wi-Fi
  • Other root causes may be related to hardware issues and will require PCB replacement
  • Always update to the most recent embedded printer software
  • Contact your local service provider to trouble shoot the Wi-Fi and identify the issue
  • Utilize the LAN connection to connect and send files to the printer until existing issues are resolved

Y-Rail Failures

There have been reported issues with the Y-Rails bearing reliability, which may require replacement. Affected printers will experience print quality issues and Y-motion errors. All printers with serial number D01403 or below require FCO # 403843-0001-s. If your printer has been affected by this issue, please contact your service provider to arrange a visit to implement FCO: AASY F123 FLOATING X BRIDGE KIT. The FCO will take about 4 hours to install and include a new x bridge, rails and bearings.

Prior to releasing this FCO, affected printers required a Y-Rail lubrication process every 800 hours. If your printer shows a warning message that Y-Rail lubrication is required, please implement the FCO to disable the warning.

Camera Glare

There have been reports of significant glare on printer camera images viewed in GrabCAD. This glare becomes worse with more ambient lighting surrounding or pointing at the printer. This is easily reduced by dimming or turning off the lights.

A shroud has been designed for printers of serial D01779 and lower that can be printed and attached to the camera to reduce glare. Printers with serial numbers greater than D01779 have had the shroud implemented in manufacturing and do not require any modification.

The shroud file is located in the printer sample files. To print the shroud, press the QUEUE button (symbol located on left hand side of the touchscreen), then press the plus symbol (add), then ‘internal storage’. The file to print is called ‘camera_shroud’.

After printing the shroud refer to service document SB00292 for instruction on how to install. Follow this link to download the service bulletin.

Material Bay Tube Insertion

If you are consistently experiencing a time out error while loading material, you could have an issue related to the material filament tube not being seated completely into the drive assembly. In some cases, this is caused by excessive flash on the molded part in the drive assembly where the tube is seated. A new quality inspection process has been implemented in manufacturing to eliminate this issue, however there may be some material bays in the field with this issue.

If you suspect you may have this issue please refer to SB00261 to confirm or arrange a service visit. If you have this issue, the material bay will need to be replaced. Follow this link to download the service bulletin.

Side Panel Warping

There have been reports of the plastic side panels on the printer assembly warping. This does not affect print quality or printer performance.

For a short term fix follow these instructions:

  • Remove printer back panel
  • Remove aluminum side panels
  • Inspect the side panel bottom through-hole to see if it is properly aligned to completely clear the lock nut on the frame
  • Loosen the screws at the top of the side panel to re-position the through hole to clear the lock nut

A correction of this issue has been implemented in manufacturing for serial D01096 and greater. Serial numbers D00501 to D01095 will require FCO, ASSY, BRACKET, SUPPORT, SIDE PANEL (PN 951385-0001-s) to resolve. Follow this link to download the service bulletin.

Tray Release Latch Binding

Some users may experience difficulty activating the tray release mechanism when removing a build tray. Fortunately, this issue should not prevent the printer from being used and is more of a nuisance issue. This is a newly identified issue and Stratasys is currently developing an FCO to address this.

If your printer is experiencing any of the issues above, contact your local service provider for a service call.
The F123 Best Practices document outlines all the issues described above as well as past resolved issues. If you wish to download this document, please click here.
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