SOLIDWORKS export options for a SOLIDWORKS Composer .SMG file

Article by Vicky Guignard updated March 12, 2018


A common question we receive from customers with SOLIDWORKS Composer is:

“What are the recommended export options when saving a SOLIDWORKS file to the SOLIDWORKS Composer .SMG file format?”

Export .SMG file from SOLIDWORKS

The following SOLIDWORKS export options are available effective with the release of SOLIDWORKS 2018 SP0. To export a SOLIDWORKS Part or Assembly file to SOLIDWORKS Composer follow these steps:

  1. With your SOLIDWORKS model open, select File > Save As
    • For ‘Save as type’, select SOLIDWORKS Composer (*.smg)
    • Click the Options button to access the SMG export options
Save as SMG file

Save as SMG

  1. Specify the options required for the exported file (note that you can set the defaults for this from Tools > Options > Export > SMG file format). The recommended options are specified in the screenshot below:
SMG System Options

SMG System Options

Opening an SMG file in SOLIDWORKS Composer

In general, the default options are recommended. However, a few scenarios require different options:

  • To import surface bodies, select from the ‘Import Profile’ drop-down menu ‘SOLIDWORKS with Surface Parts’.
Import SOLIDWORKS with Surface Parts

Import SOLIDWORKS with Surface Parts

  • To import hidden bodies, select the ‘Import hidden components (no show)’ option.
Import hidden components (no show)

Import hidden components (no show)

  • To import a weldment part with the ability to move the cut list bodies independently, select the ‘Merge file into one actor per part’ option.
Merge file into one actor per part

Merge file into one actor per part

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