How to create a Jog in a SOLIDWORKS Weld Symbol Leader

Article by Saeed Mojarad (CSWE) updated March 9, 2018


In this post I will show you how to create a SOLIDWORKS multi jog weld symbol. This is one of those neat options that can help a lot especially when dealing with complex drawings. Usually there are a lot of dimensions, notes, balloons and so on; and fitting all of that information into your drawing views can be challenging.

One of the most common symbols in mechanical drawings is the weld symbol. The weld symbol feature has several options available. You can add a jog to your weld symbol while you are adding it to your drawing or after placing it in a view.

Inserting a SOLIDWORKS multi jog weld symbol

When you start the weld symbol command in SOLIDWORKS, it opens with the “Weld Symbol Properties” dialog. At the bottom left corner of the dialog box there is a check box called “Use multi jog leader” that you can select to start a multi jog weld symbol.

Use multi jog leader option

Use multi jog leader option

You can then select different points on the screen where you would like the jog to be.

Adding Jog after inserting a Weld Symbol

Sometimes you may forget to check that box off or you did not need the jog first but now you need it and have to add it. Like anything else in SOLIDWORKS it is easy to go back and add the jog to your symbol. Simply right click on the weld symbol and select “Add Jog Point”. You can then select anywhere on the leader where you want to add the jog point.

Add Jog Point tool

Add Jog Point tool

You can also create more than one jog point if you need to.

Jog added to annotation

Jog added to annotation

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