SOLIDWORKS Manage 2019 Update PDM Variables

Article by Justin Williams updated October 17, 2018


In SOLIDWORKS Manage 2019, we can update PDM variables within Manage, giving us full control of our documents in one place.

How to update SOLIDWORKS Manage PDM Variables

  • Start Manage and open the Administration Options
Administration Options

Administration Options

  • Structures > Documents & Records
    • Select the PDM Object > Edit
PDM Object > Edit

PDM Object > Edit

  • From the SOLIDWORKS PDM Configuration Wizard select the Fields screen
SOLIDWORKS PDM Configuration Wizard

SOLIDWORKS PDM Configuration Wizard

  • Select the Field you’d like to drive the Variable and select Edit
SOLIDWORKS Manage PDM Variables

Edit Field

  • Select Updates PDM Variable
    • Note: The Manage field type and PDM variable must be compatible data types.
Update PDM Variable

Update PDM Variable

  • Select Finish
    • Save and close the SOLIDWORKS PDM Configuration Wizard

Wrap Up…

After these customizations, users will only need to update a value via Manage and the appropriate PDM values will be updated automatically…Making SOLIDWORKS Manage a ‘One Stop Shop’ for all your data management needs.

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