How to convert a SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal Thickness to a Gauge Value

Article by Shawn McEachern updated October 17, 2018


A common practice in industry when working with SOLIDWORKS sheet metal is to show thickness as gauge value.

For example, 20 gauge equals 0.0359 in.

SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal Gauge Parameters

SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal Gauge Parameters

We will accomplish this using an equation, and IF statements to convert the values.

Here is an example. This condition indicates that if the value is 0.0359, it is desired to display “20” as a result.

Gauge_Number = IIF(“Thickness” LIKE 0.0359, 20, IIF(“Thickness” LIKE 0.0598, 16, IIF(“Thickness” LIKE 0.1345, 10, 1000)))


Add extra IIF statements to the equation to show the desired gauge value.

Create a custom property to use in your layout.

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