How to get the best performance from SOLIDWORKS Composer

Article by Vipanjot Kaur, CSWP updated November 22, 2018


While carrying out technical support, customers report different types of issues related to SOLIDWORKS Composer performance in which Composer doesn’t behave normally. Most of these issues are graphics related; and many occur when a different version or service-pack of Composer is installed on a machine which resets all the performance options to default.

Some of the common SOLIDWORKS Composer performance issues are:

  • When we hover over the part in a Composer assembly, instead of highlighting one part, composer starts some sort of animation and highlights the whole assembly.
  • Cutting plane capping color grayed out in the properties tab
  • Longer time to import SOLIDWORKS files into Composer

All the above issues and any other related problems are because of the Graphics and can be resolved following the steps below:

Application Preferences – Quality:

Make sure in SOLIDWORKS composer profile is set to High Quality. To do so go to File > Preferences > this Opens Application Preferences window > General > Profile > Select High quality > Click Apply and Click OK. In SOLIDWORKS 2019 profile is set to High quality by default.

SOLIDWORKS Composer performance

SOLIDWORKS Composer performance settings

Graphic Card settings:

Also add composer into NVIDIA Control program list to make sure it uses the graphic card that is installed on the machine but not the Intel machine inbuilt graphics.To do so Right click on empty area on desktop > NVIDIA control Panel > Manage 3D settings > Program settings > Add > search CATIA Composer > Click Apply and click OK.

Graphic Card settings

This will ensure Composer uses the graphic card and gives you the best performance in terms of quality and speed.

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