Simulate Efficiently with the SOLIDWORKS Simulation Load Case Manager

Article by Angus Hudson, CSWP updated January 22, 2019


Getting valid, informative, and useful results is the goal of any design validation and verification activity, whether it be through simulation or physical testing. However, getting these results efficiently is the difference between getting a product to market, or watching your competitor get there first. SOLIDWORKS Simulation’s innovative tools allow you to begin testing your designs at any stage of the design process, enabling you to identify concerns early, before they can cause delays. The Load Case Manager, available in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional and Premium versions, makes it easy to set up your simulation studies to accommodate the full range of loading scenarios your design must endure.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Load Case Manager

Simulating with the Load Case Manager allows you to add all relevant loads and fixtures to a single SOLIDWORKS Simulation Study

Real world loading is rarely straight forward, and neither is determining which scenario is the worst case. The Load Case Manager works similarly to configurations in SOLIDWORKS, allowing you to suppress or modify loads and fixtures that same way you would features or dimensions.

With this capability, all loads and fixtures relevant to a design are defined in one study, streamlining the process of setting up a simulation. This also prevents the need to have different loading scenarios spread across different studies, making it significantly easier to access and interpret your analysis results!  Only a single click is required to run all load cases, or toggle results plots between the different cases. This puts your results at the tip of your mouse, ready to be turned into actionable changes.

Designing to a standard often presents an even more complex loading scenario, one in which combinations of multiple loads must be analyzed to determine safety. The most basic of these scenarios could be tackled simply by suppressing and unsupressing loads, but these analyses frequently call for certain loads to be multiplied.

Secondary load cases allow users to define linear combinations of loads, ensuring that your exact loading scenario can be analyzed. This has the added benefit of increasing clarity by allowing primary load cases to reflect real world conditions, with factor of safety multiples then added for the secondary cases.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Primary load cases

Primary load cases can use all, none, or any combination of the specified loads and fixtures. Secondary load cases can then use any combination or multiple of the primary loads.

The Load Case Manager will enable you to setup, run, and review your analyses faster than ever before. This is just one of many tools available with SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional and Premium that will enable you to improve your design team’s agility.

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