Fastest way to create and edit properties of Explode Lines in SOLIDWORKS Composer

Article by Vipanjot Kaur, CSWP updated February 25, 2019


SOLIDWORKS Composer Explode lines indicate the path from the assembled position or the neutral position of an actor to it’s exploded position. These paths can be associative or non-associative paths.

  • Associative paths are the paths that update when the geometric actors are moved after explode lines are created.
  • Non-Associate paths are the paths that do not update when geometric actors are moved after explode lines are created.

Here are the steps to create associative paths:

Step 1: Select the exploded components:

Select the exploded components in one shot using the select tool on Home Tab.

In my case, I want to select the 8 screws that I exploded using select tool. Click on Select > Select by color or select instances > and click on any one screw. Now all the 8 screws will be selected.

Select Geometric actors

Select Geometric actors

Step 2: Create associative paths:

While  the geometric actors are selected go to Author Tab > Path Tab > Click on drop down arrow of path tool > Create associative path from neutral.

If the geometric actors aren’t selecting before using path tool, associative and non associate path from neutral position will be grayed out.

SOLIDWORKS Composer Explode lines

Creation of explode lines

Step 3:  Modify properties of explode lines:

Select all the associative paths. You can select them all in one shot through Collaborative tab in left pane > Paths folder > click on paths folder. Doing so, all the paths will be selected.

Select all paths

Select all paths

Now update the properties in the properties pane such as color and width can be changed in front line section.

Properties of paths

Also clear the checkbox for Stay on top property in General Tab which will allow the paths to stay below the geometric actor instead of passing from top of the geometric actor. Refer to the images below for before and after images.

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