How to Reorder Components in 2D Cabinet Layout Drawings

Article by Vipanjot Kaur, CSWP updated February 26, 2019


If you are a SOLIDWORKS Electrical user you must have accidentally added the electrical components before adding the dinrail or before adding the cabinet layout.

It doesn’t matter in what sequence you add the electrical and non electrical components. Order Tool on the Cabinet Layout Tab or on Modify Tab can be used the change the order of the placement of the components in the 2D cabinet layout drawing.

To change the order of placement follow these steps:

  • Add all the 2D footprint symbols within cabinet layout drawing.
  • Select the Electrical component that you would like to place on din-rail and go to Order Tab > Click on Set foreground or Move above entity
  • Or you can select the component that you would like to place on top and go to Order Tab > Click on Set background or Move below entity

Accessing Order Tool

However, sometimes the background component can be seen through foreground component. In other words, when foreground components act transparent, the background appearance can be removed by:

  1. Select foreground (electrical functionality) component
  2. Go to Cabinet layout Tab > Erase background.
  3. Erase background adds a wipe-out entity to footprint to hide the background.


Before and After Erase Background Tool

Before and After Erase Background Tool

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