Permanently changing the Automatic root value for symbols in SOLIDWORKS Electrical

Article by Vipanjot Kaur, CSWP updated March 5, 2019


Within SOLIDWORKS Electrical each electrical symbol we place in schematic/line diagram drawings has a default root value assigned to it. This root value can be any alphabet from A to Z. At some point you must have thought of changing this default root value to something else, referring to your company’s standards.

However, each time the symbol is inserted to the drawing, the root value has to be changed manually by right clicking on the symbol > symbol properties > Select mode as Automatic and enter in the root value. This change just applies to the current symbol and every time the same symbol is inserted again, root value has to be changed again. Unless you have created a new copy of this modified symbol in library by right clicking on symbol > Add to library.

As in the image below, I have changed the Root field of this circuit breaker symbol from default Root Q to CB.

Manual way of changing Root value

Manual way of changing Root value

Follow these steps to permanently update Automatic Root filed of symbols:

Step 1:

The root value can be updated permanently in the Library. To do so Go to Library tab  on Command manager > Classification manager.

This launches the classification manager dialog box, which shows the list of all the classes as well as their sub classes.

Accessing Classification Manager

Accessing Classification Manager

Step 2:

Each class and sub class has a Root ID. The root column should be shown by default, however if it isn’t, right click on one of the leader column and toggle on and off the columns you want to see.

By default Root ID’s of each sub- classification are same as Root ID of the main class.

Toggle on Root column

Toggle on Root column

Step 3:

Now locate any class within the list of classes > right click on Class > Properties > Change the Root field. For-example: Change the Root field of Buttons,switches class from S to BS.

Changing the Root filed of main class automatically updates the root value for all the sub-classes within this class.

Now, every-time the symbol will be used from this Button and switch class, the root value will be used as BS, as this information has been saved in the library that exists at the application level.

Updating SOLIDWORKS Electrical Root field in Library

Updating Root field in Library

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