SOLIDWORKS Manage Log-in Process for Users and Administrators

Article by Joe Medeiros, CSWE updated April 17, 2019


Once the SOLIDWORKS Manage Client has been installed, both Users and Administrators, can access the same Manage interface. This is done by launching SOLIDWORKS Manage from a Shortcut, entering  SOLIDWORKS Manage in Windows Start or the SOLIDWORKS Program Group.

Windows Programs

When SOLIDWORKS Manage is launched for the first time, it may take a few minutes for the SOLIDWORKS Manage Database to be updated.

Database Updating

The first time SOLIDWORKS Manage is launched, only the admin user can log in. Also, initially there will only be one site, but as you install SOLIDWORKS Manage in other locations, additional sites may become available.

If desired, the password can be remembered and the user can Login Automatically Next Time SOLIDWORKS Manage is launched. If Login Automatically Next Time is selected, the log-in screen will be bypassed and SOLIDWORKS Manage will be immediately launched.

SOLIDWORKS Manage Log-in

Clicking on the down arrows next to Options, will give access to some additional Options. The first is Option is to add or, remove locations where Configuration Files are located. If there is more then Configuration File, a different Configuration File can be selected from the pull-down. The display of Log-in screen can be changed, from the Interface pull-down. Also, the License that will be used can be selected from the License Type pull-down.

SOLIDWORKS Manage Log-in Options


To complete the Log-in, click on OK

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