How to Avoid Locking Out the Microsoft SQL sa Account

Article by Andrew Lidstone, CSWE updated June 28, 2019


Starting with Microsoft SQL 2005, the Password Policy and Password Lockout settings from the Windows Operating System (found by going to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Local Security Policy > Account Policies) are automatically inherited by the sa account in SQL.

microsoft sql sa account

Account Policies

This could lead to issues if the password stored in the Database Server Configuration program or the Archive Server Configuration tool are incorrect for any reason and the Password Policy is set to lockout the account after a certain number of failed login attempts.

If that happens, PDM will no longer be able to access the SQL database and users will not be able to work in the vault.

For this reason the SOLIDWORKS PDM Installation Guide recommends disabling this option for the sa account.

This can be done from within the SQL Server Management Studio program, by expanding the Security folder, then the Logins folder and right clicking the sa account and selecting Properties.

In the Login Properties window, on the General page, clear the option “Enforce password policy”.

Once this change is made there should no longer be any concern about the sa account being locked out because of an incorrect password.

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