Design Optimization for 3D Printing

Article by Rod Mackay updated June 22, 2019


A growing demand for 3D printing design services

The proliferation of 3D printing technology has created a substantial demand for engineering services that create and deliver its benefits. At the forefront of these services is design optimization for 3D printing. The 3D printing industry has long recognized that engineering design for 3D printing is a critical competency to unleash the benefits of the technology.

Design optimization for 3D printing

Design optimization for 3D printing

A lack of experienced designers to deliver

Adopters of the technology in many industries have experienced shortages in the number of people trained and qualified in 3D printing design. Many have turned to training programs to build their workforce, recognizing that, given the large body of knowledge that must be mastered, these programs have longer-term results.

A survey conducted by Stratasys showed that training design engineers and recruiting experienced people were two major steps manufacturers were taking to transition to 3D printing. Another survey conducted by ICF International showed that 33% of respondents saw a lack of know-how and talent as the greatest challenge to the adoption of the technology.

Design Optimization Service from Javelin

Our team of experts are dedicated to helping your company design freely, improve product quality, and create new business opportunities with additive manufacturing.

Our design optimization service ensures a seamless 3D design to product manufacturing process, helping you achieve your business goals by:

  • Creating products that take advantage of increased design freedom in 3D printing to better meet end-user requirements.
  • Creating 3D printing designs that meet requirements for functionality and manufacturability.
  • Creating 3D printing designs that conform to regulations and standards.
  • Helping you to gain an understanding of the information required to produce technical data packages for 3D printing.

Overcoming Part Certification Challenges

3D printing design is also a critical competency for conforming to regulations, industry standards, and technical requirements. The ICF International survey showed that 54% of respondents believed part qualification and certification was the biggest challenge to the adoption of 3D printing technology. Decisions in the design are amplified through the product development and realization process, with wrong choices having profound negative effects on the performance of the printed part. 3D printing design competency is more extensive than that for traditional manufacturing, requiring a design engineer to possess knowledge of the critical quality and safety factors throughout the product development and realization process.

How the Design Optimization process works

Our engineers work closely with your engineering team to re-engineer an existing product or to create a design for a new product, jig, fixture or tool. Our team of engineers integrate into your design process and can follow a six stage process to create your 3D printing designs:

  1. Define the engineering design problem.
  2. Research the requirements for the systems, assembly and components.
  3. Define technical requirements brief for system, assembly and components.
  4. Create design concepts.
  5. Select the optimal design concept.
  6. Finalize optimal design.
Jig & Fixtures Example

Jig & Fixtures Example

What Results can you expect?

With an optimized design you will be able to leverage the power of additive manufacturing. Our experienced designers can provide you with the techniques and best practices to improve the strength, appearance, and functionality of your 3D printed models:

  • 3D printing design data that takes advantage of the greater design freedom of the technology.
  • 3D printed designs that meet requirements for functionality, manufacturability, and conformance to regulations, standards, and technical requirements.

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