How do I switch to a different user in SOLIDWORKS Manage 2019?

Article by Samir Lohmann updated June 26, 2019


Note: this article only applies to SOLIDWORKS Manage 2019 or earlier.

When you login to SOLIDWORKS Manage 2019, by default, you will be also be logging into your SOLIDWORKS PDM Vault, if your Manage environment is connected to PDM.

Note in the screenshot below that the option to login only to SOLIDWORKS Manage (and not PDM) is not checked.

SOLIDWORKS Manage login window

Logging into SOLIDWORKS Manage

When you close Manage and try to login as a different user — for instance, if you were logged in as Admin to make changes to the environment and now want to go back to your regular user profile — it is possible that the login window will switch back to the previous user immediately after you enter the new credentials.

If that happens, it means you are still connected to the SOLIDWORKS PDM vault using the first user’s credentials.

To be able to login as a different user, close SOLIDWORKS Manage, then Log Off from PDM, and then login to Manage again, using different credentials:



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