How to create a Fade-in-out effect for Digger views in SOLIDWORKS Composer animations

Article by Vipanjot Kaur, CSWP updated August 15, 2019


The SOLIDWORKS Composer Digger tool lets you zoom parts of your model to show a detail view of complex geometry, you can change opacity, visibility, and capture a 2D image.

Digger keys in animation

Digger keys in animation

Follow the steps below to use the SOLIDWORKS Composer Digger in animations and apply a fade in and fade out effect without using the actual fade in and fade out tools on the timeline.


  • Place the timeline bar at 2.5 seconds where-ever you want the digger size to be maximum.Now toggle on digger using space-bar or Home > Digger tool.
  • In the view-port drag the center of interest on the geometry actor you would like to zoom in onto.
  • Resize the digger using the radius handle and click on set digger key on timeline toolbar, to capture the digger key in key track.


  • Copy the step 1 digger key by holding Ctrl and dragging and dropping it at 2 seconds.
  • Using the radius handle reduce the digger circle size.
  • Capture new digger size by settings the digger key again.

I copied the digger from step 1 to step 2 position to maintain the location of digger in viewport.


  • Now copy the digger key in timeline from 2.5 sec  to 3.5 sec holding Ctrl + drag and drop.
  • This will allow us to maintain the same digger size between 2.5- 3.5 seconds.


  • Copy the digger key from 2 seconds to 4 seconds, this will allow us to maintain the same position and (small) size of the digger circle.


  • Place the timeline bar at 4.5 seconds
  • Toggle the digger off using space- bar or Home > digger tool and now capture the digger key again to make sure digger remains off through out the animation.

Hence, just resizing the digger helps us to create the fade-in and fade-out effect while using digger tool in animation.

Learn more about the SOLIDWORKS Composer Digger

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