How to create SOLIDWORKS Electrical Passive Symbol?

Article by Vipanjot Kaur, CSWP updated August 14, 2019


You should create SOLIDWORKS Electrical Passive Symbols for the following situations:

  • Symbol has no mark defined
  • Symbol is not be shown on Bill of materials,
  • Symbol has no manufacturer part information defined
  • Or the Symbol does not consume a device mark or a device tag.

A few examples of passive symbols are ground, wire crossings and terminal jumpers.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Passive Symbols

Ground                                 wire crossings                     Jumper wire

Passive Symbols are stored in the database for the projects but are not taken into account in processing or reports.

How to convert a regular symbol into a passive symbol?

To create a SOLIDWORKS Electrical Passive Symbol follow these steps:

  • Go to Library Tab > Symbols manager > Filter and locate the symbol you want to convert into passive symbol
  • Right click on symbol > symbol properties
  • Now change the symbol type from regular schematic, wire diagram or connection label type to passive symbol.
  • Once the symbol is changed into passive symbol type it should disappear from the bill of material list in the reports.

How to create passive symbol

Read our blog article to learn why you should use SOLIDWORKS Electrical Passive Symbols.

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