Filter BOM by each book in SOLIDWORKS Electrical

Article by Vipanjot Kaur, CSWP updated August 27, 2019


SOLIDWORKS Electrical has provided us with an option to create multiple books for each project, to keep our electrical projects and drawings more organized and easy to manage. Once we have multiple books created for multiple electrical sub-assemblies or functionalities, we can create separate Bill of materials (BOM) for each book using the filter.

Here are the steps to add the filter to the SOLIDWORKS Electrical BOM report:

  1. Go to Project Tab > Click on Reports.
  2. This opens the Report Manager dialog box.
  3. Select the BOM report you would like to filter by each book > Right click on report > Add filter OR click on “Add filter” on top pane of report manager dialog box.
Add filter to book

Add filter to book

  1. Now in Filter manager > Add Filter > locate the correct field on the list in right hand side, in this case we need “bun_tag” this attribute refers to filter by books > now double click on bun_tag> operator is = by default > select value as 1 and click OK.
SOLIDWORKS Electrical Filter BOM

Create a filter to display BOM per book

Select the particular book on parameter tab of Report manager, the SOLIDWORKS Electrical BOM report should filter accordingly.

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