SOLIDWORKS Simulation Copy Features to New Studies

Article by Scott Durksen, CSWE updated August 29, 2019


Running multiple SOLIDWORKS Simulation studies on a model typically have similar features.  You can duplicate a study to make a new copy and then make your modifications.  Right-click on the existing study tab and Copy Study.  The new copy will be identical.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Copy Features

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Copy Study

However some scenarios only have a couple of the same features.  For example a single load or perhaps a group of connectors is only needed in the new study.  You have the ability to drag features from an existing study on top of another Simulation study tab.  It will copy the feature(s) to save you some time.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Copy Force Load

You can also drag a folder of features such as all Connectors.  Shift-select multiple features and folders to copy them all at the same time.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Copy Connectors

Copying the entire Mesh folder will bring over all mesh controls, along with the same mesh settings.  If the new study has the same geometry (i.e. same configuration, excluded components, element types) it can also copy the mesh results.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Copy Mesh

Dragging the overall Parts folder will apply the assigned materials as well as any defined shells, beam elements, excluded components, etc.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Copy Parts Folder

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