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SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard Milling Setup 5/9: Generate Operation Plan

Article by Shawn McEachern created/updated September 2, 2019

Once our features have been defined, we may generate our operation plan. Click Generate Operation Plan in the CAM command manager or pick your right-mouse-button on Mill Part Set-up1 and select Generate Operation Plan.

Generate Operation Plan

Determine What’s Wrong?

Now our features will be converted to machining operations using our defined strategies. If you see a yellow flag beside one of your operations a tool has been selected that does not exist in your tool crib. Pick your right-mouse-button in the operation and select What’s Wrong. Clearing this error will automatically add the tool to your tool crib.

Clear Error

Clear Error

We may manually alter any operation by double clicking on it or pick your right-mouse-button and select Edit Definition.

Operation Parameters

Operation Parameters

Here we may alter our tool, speed/feed rates, cutting and NC parameters manually. This will be covered in future articles on interactively creating machining operations.

Next, we will sort operations.

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