How to search for commands in SOLIDWORKS Composer 2019

Article by Vipanjot Kaur, CSWP updated September 3, 2019


Until SOLIDWORKS Composer 2018 the search command was located within the File menu. Now, in SOLIDWORKS Composer 2019 the Search command is available on the ribbon.

SOLIDWORKS Composer 2018 Search Command

SOLIDWORKS Composer 2018 Search Command


You can directly access Search to search for commands in the ribbon and recently used documents.

  • On the ribbon, click in the Start Search box.
SOLIDWORKS Composer Command Search

2019 Start search Tool

  • Type the name of the command or recent document you are looking for. For-example: I will search command/tool – digger tool > when we start typing the tools names start showing up > click on digger > digger tool activates.

NOTE: The search is limited to commands that appear on the ribbon. However, we will have to remember the name of the command to type it in, once we type in the name of tool which is on either active tab or non- active tab, the tool will show up in the list and we can select and activate/use the tool.

  • Ribbon commands and recently accessed documents that contain the search string appear.
  • Click a command to execute it or a document to open it

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